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M society - Issue 23
Gen Y Gold Rush
Apr 2016

It cannot be denied that GEN Y is an important demographic in Thailand, with one third (or 19 million) of the entire population born between 1980 and 2000. Together with their influence on the digital age led by internet and social media, this generation is also having dominant impact on social trends.


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M society - Issue 22
The Beginning
Feb 2016

Any growing city is full of strangers colliding with each other, especially on streets and near public transportation. In Bangkok, it's the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS, or Skytrain) stations which have become the hub for metropolitians to cross paths. The BTS routes are also surrounded by infrastructure such as condominiums, offices, department stores, schools, universities, parks and key tourist attractions, furthermore drawing in people into their orbit.


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M society - Issue 21
Nov 2015

The internet undeniably plays a pivotal role in the life of journalists, not only for professional reasons but also personal. One stand-out example is how we now read material, which has changed from the turning of paper to a fixed screen with keyboard.


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