Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited

Vision, Mission & Values


To be a leading and innovative
global property developer fostering
sustainability and well-being for all.


- Embrace diverse talents and wide-ranging expertise in effective collaboration
- Cultivate a knowledge-driven society through technology, research, and information
- Create innovative living solutions that surpass all stakeholders' expectations and respect the planet
- Keep advancing to develop the highest global standards


MQDC holds DTGO's values close to its heart. In tune with DTGO's business and philanthropic ethos, MQDC uses insights from psychology and other research fields to develop living ecosystems that provide true well-being, and it realizes these with innovations in design and sustainability.

MQDC funds the work of the Bangkok-based Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), whose findings in human and environmental well-being enhance all its projects. MQDC aims to improve quality of life for all stakeholders in its developments - from residents to wider communities and beyond.

MQDC's property solutions seek to harmonize human cohabitation with nature, using advanced technology and sustainable design thinking. We perfect the finest details and embrace disruptive innovation to help develop the playing field of international property and contribute to the well-being of all.
Headed by business leaders with proven backgrounds in creating innovative properties, MQDC integrates its business activities with concern for society and the planet. Sustainability is at the core of operations, ensuring a positive social impact and a better quality of life for all.


MQDC's house of brands is headed by Magnolias, which achieves the finest luxury lifestyles in prestigious locations. The Whizdom brand, meanwhile, expresses a dynamic, youthful, and socially interactive personality. MQDC continues to incubate and develop a pipeline of brands to meet further social needs and aspirations.