Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited


How many projects has Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited been developing?
A Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited has successfully developed many different projects. These include quality residential housing, condominium and luxury mixed use developments.

Each project is unique and is designed to respond to our clients needs, we use carefully selected quality materials and through meticulous research and design application, we support every form of lifestyle, whilst advocating the efficient use of energy.

Housing projects under the Magnolias brand.
- Magnolias Southern California Residence.
- Magnolias Southern California Condominium.
- Magnolias French Country - Khao Yai.
- Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard.
- Mixed use Condominium.

Housing projects under the Whizdom Brand.
- Whizdom The Exclusive Condominium.
- Whizdom @ Punnawithi Station Condominium.
What are main benefits from Magnolias / Whizdom Projects clients will receive ..?
A All of our developments adhere to the concept of "Think and Create for Human Sustainability", We give priority to research, development and design which advocate a quality living experience.

We also consider the cohabitation of 3-generations (child, adult and the elder) in a collective environment, including amenities which promote good health. We encourage the consider use of energy to create quality projects that are safe and respond to the needs of our customers thereby building pleasantly habitable communities.

*Magnolia also provides a Home Inspection Service to inspect and repair Magnolia's Housing and Condominium projects on the following items.
- Structural Engineering.
- Architecture, for example, floor, wall, sanitary ware and roof.
- Mechanical & Electrical Works, for example, Electric system, telephone system, water system and air conditioning system.

* Conditions apply - for more details please contact relevant project sales department.
Which financial institutions give facility and services to Magnolia's clients?
A A number of financial institutions provide facilities and services to our clients. A channel is also provided for your convenience through a fast loan calculator via the website of Kasikorn Bank. By clicking or Thanachart Bank By clicking you can check details and rates of loan interest rates and installment payments.
What security systems are provided in Magnolia projects.
A We install a number of security aspects within our developments. These can include :

- VDO Door Phone system.
- Internal and External CCTV.
- Laser Beam System with 24 hours security officer at control room.

The security systems vary from project to project. For more information, please contact the relevant project sales department for more details.
Can Non Thai nationals who are interested in Magnolia projects be a unit owner? and how?
A Yes, we have prepared information for our potential non Thai purchasers. Please contact relevant project sales department for more details.