Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
MQDC Unveils 6B Plan for Advanced Beyond 'Housing' Project
29 May 2017
With goals of Advanced Health & Well Being, MQDC plans to invest over 6B Baht into Advanced Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, and other technologies
- MQDC expects to make investments in this area exceeding THB 6 Billion in next 10 years.

- MQDC forges partnerships with technology category experts, seeking advance living solutions for its customers through artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations and customer platforms for monitoring and control.

- Whizdom Ratchada -Thapra, opening next year, will be the first project in Thailand to feature full-feature home intelligence systems focusing primarily on residents' health & well-being, security and energy consumption.

- The Research and Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) -the division of MQDC devoted to R&D, to design, activate and monitor innovations that involve living technologies, data collection and artificial intelligence - will work with technology partners and start-ups

Bangkok, 18 May 2017- Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), a developer of quality residential and mixed-use property projects and the owner of the Magnolias and Whizdom brands, is affirming its commitment to building living solutions that go beyond mere "housing" to advance health & well-being and security with investments exceeding THB 6 Billion over the next 10 years, and announcing its intention to make available to its tenants the first full-feature home intelligence system of its kind in Thailand that addresses directly health & well-being, security and energy consumption at the Whizdom Ratchada -Thapra property which will open in Q3 next year.

Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, stated that these investments are in line with the "Sustainnovation" concept of the parent company, DTGO Corporation Limited (DTGO), driving the integration of innovative technologies into living solutions for the benefit of MQDC residents and tenants. "We believe that investing in these ideas now helps to future-proof our offer, and will result in enhanced holistic well-being for our residents," said Mr. Malaisirirat.

" MQDC is introducing living solutions for customers beyond just 'housing' that will advance their health & well-being. Partnership with technology category leaders is a crucial part of the MQDC master plan for building technology and innovation and an integrated part of our future projects. These investments are examples of how MQDC is turning our core idea of "Sustainnovation" into real-world lifestyle experiences. Having said that, technological innovations are not the only focus for us here, we are also concerned with how well these innovations respond to customer's unknown needs and are integrated with all customer service offerings into one customer experience platform that provides holistic living solutions for all well-being"

"By turning ideas into reality, by embracing change that comes from small details as well as disruptive innovation, by welcoming viewpoints that are both local and international, we are creating a truly sustainable society that enables quality living solutions that are beautiful, inspiring and safe," Mr. Malaisirirat concluded.

MQDC's The Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), will work with start-up Obotron in the first of these partnerships to design, activate and monitor innovations that involve living technologies, data collection and artificial intelligence. These features primarily encompass energy efficiency, health system and lifestyle control that will be integrated into MQDC's projects key features will include:

1. Optimization of energy efficiency: real-time electricity consumption will be monitored by the systems.

2. Improving residents health, with CO2 sensors that will coordinate with energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems, to ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor environment and reduce energy consumption.

3. Enabling a better lifestyle, with standard smart-home technologies such as smart switches to control all systems, a smart socket allowing control by mobile devices, integrated motion sensors, automatic light control, digital door lock and the door / window magnetic sensor for enhanced safety. Also installed will be a closed-circuit television system which connects with these safety features and can be accessed directly by customers' mobile / digital devices.