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MQDC Launches 'The Estate (Thailand)' Thailand's First Integrated Property Resale and Rental Services First-Year Sales are Targeted at over THB1,000 million
2 June 2017
MQDC diversifies into property resale and rental business, targeting over THB1,000 million in first-year sales and planning overseas service expansion.
  • MQDC diversifies into property resale and rental business, targeting over THB1,000 million in first-year sales and planning overseas service expansion.

    The new business, called The Estate (Thailand) commences operations in May 2017.

    The Estate (Thailand) aims to be a major player in property resale and rental business, offering the most integrated services covering all aspects of living including helping customers find a right place to live, assisting them in moving in and out, and providing other services like cleaning and maintenance.

    The Estate (Thailand) will also offer exclusive property investment consultant services through a team of experts with over 20 years of experience

Bangkok, 31 May 2017 - Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), the developer of quality residential and mixed-use property projects and the owner of the Magnolias and Whizdom brands, launches a new venture named "The Estate (Thailand) Company Limited" to provide integrated property resale and rental services. The objective of the new business is to respond to customers' needs concerning property purchase, resale, investment and living conveniences. Services will also include an exclusive property investment consultant through a team of experts with over 20 years of experience, assistance with search for property that suits customers' desires and preferences, an integrated move-in and move-out service, as well as other services from cleaning to primary maintenance. Personalized follow-up is promised after customers move in, to guarantee maximum satisfaction of exclusive services.

Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao - Deputy Chief Operating Officer MQDC, said: "A study of resale and rental services in Thailand showed a gap in confidence and trust among customers and in the quality of after-sale services. MQDC, as a property developer, understands customers' demands, has adjusted its business plans and structure to fulfill these needs. We established The Estate Thailand to provide and an offer that covers all aspects of living, investment and lifestyles through pre-sale, after-sale services and close consulting.

"The Estate (Thailand) will complement our property development business by achieving excellence in property sale-rental, and investment consulting services. Our services will start by analyzing customers' properties, to assess their architectural design, size, location and price to evaluate demand for assets. We will also conduct analysis on competitors."

The Estate (Thailand) will differentiate itself from others with integrated assistance to customers in moving in or moving out as well as other services like house cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, and primary maintenance. The properties cared for by The Estate (Thailand) and certified according to the company's standards, will be awarded a certificate as well as a 30-year warranty specifically on 4 areas - building structure, roof leaks, the condition of doors and windows, as well as water pipes - under MQDC's certification.

"To meet MQDC's goal of developing the sale and rental business and to become an integrated property consulting service provider for all target groups, The Estate (Thailand) will serve customers of all property

projects developed by MQDC. We aim to achieve target sales of THB 1 billion in the first year of operation. Going forward, we plan to expand the business overseas."

"We are confident that The Estate (Thailand) will add further value to our professional team and integrated service structure and will contribute to building confidence among customers and introducing a positive innovation to the property development industry," Mr. Assada concluded.

The Estate (Thailand) Company Limited commences operations in May 2017. For more information, please visit
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