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MQDC joined the 5th STBE Talk with Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University Communicating 'Sustainovation' Concepts behind WHIZDOM 101 to Raise Awareness about Energy and Environment Conservation to over 200 Engineering Graduate Students
7 July 2017
Mr. Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon, President of MQDC, shared knowledge and concepts behind "WHIZDOM 101" to over 200 structural engineering graduate students
- MQDC was honored by Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University to educate and share experience to over 200 structural engineering graduate students and inspired them about Creative Environmental Engineering.
- The purpose is to revolutionize the construction industry in regards to natural resource, energy and environmental conservation
- Any construction project, big or small, is bound to have both positive and negative impact to the environment. Responsible engineer and architect must minimize the negative impacts to environment and optimize the energy consumption. Therefore, WHIZDOM 101 project utilizes R&D team to monitor and study people behavior to be able to optimize the project design to respond to those needs as well as sustainable development under the concept of "Sustainovation."

Bangkok, 5 July 2017 - Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), a developer of quality residential and mixed-use projects as well as the owner of the Magnolias and Whizdom brands, has joined the 5th STBE Talk, organized by Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University. Led by Mr. Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon, President of MQDC, and 8 other executives, MQDC shared knowledge, experience and concept behind "WHIZDOM 101" project for over 200 structural engineering graduate students, majoring in Creative Environmental Engineering, during the 5th STBE Talk at Meeting Hall 9, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University. The main topic of the discussion was "Green Practices: Here… and Now!" The purpose of this discussion was to raise awareness about energy conservation as well as to revolutionize the construction industry in regards to natural resource, energy and environmental conservation

Mr. Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon, President of MQDC, said "With this opportunity to share my knowledge and working experience with graduate students and participants who are interested in Structural Technology for the Built Environment Program (STBE), Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University and under the topic 'Green Practices: Here… and Now !,' I am trying to choose the topic and discussion content that could be useful for students and the participants. First and foremost, we are aware that any construction projects, big or small, are bound to have both positive and negative impacts to the environment. Responsible engineer and architect must minimize the negative impacts to environment and benefit the surrounding community. We design the project in the way that would conserve energy and reduce environmental impact. Therefore, WHIZDOM 101 project utilizes R&D team to monitor and study people behavior to be able to optimize the project design to respond to those needs and behaviors."

"This result in the construction and design concept 'Sustainovation,' which derived from sustainability and innovation."

"WHIZDOM 101 project is located on Sukhumvit Road between Punnawithi BTS station and Sukhumvit 101/1 road. The project is a mixed-use project worth over Baht 30 billion, comprising of large green space, residential units, office space and commercial area on 43 rai of land. The project seamlessly integrates living, working, shopping and social aspects together. The entire commercial area was designed under hybrid concept that combined both indoor and outdoor space in the scale never witnessed before in Thailand."

"Under this concept, there are three key components involved:
1. Passive Design. We can use the environment to help conserve energy consumption. By designing the building to be exposed to less sunlight and to utilize natural ventilation, we can reduce energy usage for air conditioning. Therefore, during the design process, we conducted a simulation model using the gathered information, so the residents can engage in outdoor activities without feeling too hot. We also plant trees to reduce temperature and conserve energy. WHIZDOM 101 has utilized passive design innovation to promote environmental sustainability. As a result, the project received accolade from Ministry of Energy in the 'Smart Cities - Clean Energy' contest as part of the government's plan to develop 'Smart Cities'. The project can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by 15,000 tons per year.

2. Innovations. We utilized 24-hour Air Flow technology to maintain indoor temperature to be consistent as the outdoor temperature. We also applied the District Colling Plant to reduce energy consumption of the cooling unit.

3. Uses of Alternative Energy. WHIZDOM 101 designed the bridge connecting to Skywalk to be able to generate electricity from vibration. Each step will generate 5 watts of energy that can be used for lighting at night. This allows positive communication message for project visitors from mass transit that they are part of reducing energy consumption and even generating alternative energy."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Benjapon Wethyavivorn Ph D., Dean of STBE, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Kasetsart University, said that "Kasetsart University has initiated this STBE program for 10 years. In the past, there have been a lot of courses about applying innovation to improve sustainability; however, the real-world application is currently very limited. I believe that the sustainable design is everyone's responsibility, and not only for the big corporate. I thank MQDC for being proactive in initiating this effort for the development of Thailand's construction industry.

STBE Talk is organized by Graduate School of Engineering, Structural Technology for The Built Environment Program, in the cooperation between the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Architecture. The program is aimed to develop and improve construction industry in regard to sustainable practice, energy conservation and environmental preservation in the future.

Mr. Phurit Taweejirawut, Senior Manager of MQDC, said "WHIZDOM 101 is the cooperation between MQDC and TRUE Corporation Public Company Limited to develop 'True Digital Park' to be the best-equipped innovation hub in Southeast Asia region. This project is responding to the government's policy to propel the country into Thailand 4.0. We will not only use technology for the project and community management, but these technologies should be able to apply to everyday life as well."

"True Digital Park will be the most completed innovation hub for digital society in Southeast Asia region which invested by private sector. The hub will be connected to the world through 4G Plus, broadband internet and Wifi technologies. The ecosystem is completely integrated and connected to various digital service platforms including Cloud, E-Commerce, and E-Payment. There will be business consultant service, crowd funding that encourage overseas investment. This hub will promote confidence, increase investment, create digital community as well as creating innovation testing ground, prototype community and facilities."

"True Digital Park will be a platform to support growth of startup businesses, to materializing the idea and creating One-Stop Service to reduce traffic congestion in the city. This project will be the capital's new destination with more green space within the project and green buffer for the surrounding community. It will provide more leisure space for community, more service areas to serve both project residents and surrounding community and facilities to promote creativity."

"The project will even host shops and sports club despite requiring high investment but yield inferior return. At MQDC, when we initiate any projects, we will take into consideration of the surrounding communities and how will they benefit out of our projects. To conserve the existing communities, MQDC even improve nearby canal, footpath or even expanding a skywalk from 300 meters to 500 meters to reach the Sukhumvit 101/1 Street for the surrounding communities to commute to skytrain with ease."

Mr. Phurit added, "The mixed-use project that comprised of residential, hotel, shopping mall and countless of other service facilities are actually not as profitable in the investment-return perspective but we need to do it for the greater good of the surrounding community. MQDC has fundamental business mindset that we are building project for our families, so we have to deliver the best for our family members."

"MQDC will also provide 24-hour service area on the ground floor to serve general public with around-the-clock shops. We also provide free lighting, power and Wifi for public to utilize any time. It also offers the skybridge to connect the project to the skytrain."

Mr. Janewit Phongchunyanukul, Assistant Vice President, MQDC, said "The concept design does not only account for the company's profits and operation, but also take into account the community and environment, which could potentially drive up operating cost. Therefore, we are working with over 10 consultants, including marketer, legal advisor, city planner, service provider, etc. to optimize this large project."

"WHIZDOM 101 project comprises of three condominium buildings. So we split the construction and sales into phases to balance cash inflow recognition with capital expenditure of the developer. We have to make this project outstanding and different from other generic offer in the market. Therefore, we have conducted research and development on lifestyle and pay very close attention to customer's requirements, all within the rule of laws. We offer 30-year after-sales guarantee on four important areas: 1) Strong and safe structural work; 2) Leakage of both housing and condo, as all projects' roofs are specially reinforced; 3) Durability of doors and windows; and 4) Quality of electricity and water system. We also introduce new innovation of around-the-clock ventilation system to assure healthy lifestyle and energy conservation."

"We have priced our products similarly to the neighboring projects. However, our customers will have better view, atmosphere and lifestyle. Pricing around the same Baht 100,000 per sqm price point, our customer will receive premium quality material and a convenient location for transportation. All rooms in the three condominium buildings are designed not to obstruct each other. We emphasize on nature and environment. Within the 17 rai (6.8 acres) area of the residential area, we provide as much as 5.5 rai (2.2 acres) of green space for three buildings. Three buildings are colored differently and are well-equipped with Sustainovations."

MQDC's research center, Research and Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), is focusing on innovative construction technologies, using non-toxic material for both residents and environments, and a universal design so that everyone, regardless of occupation, age or physical limitation, can live together. MQDC also take Feng Shui into consideration when designing the project. All headboards of every bedroom are pointing east and are not pointing directly to any entrance or exit door. The location of the air conditioner will also improve room ventilation. We pay attention to every detail from construction to delivery.

Mr. Porramate Tonvong, Vice President, MQDC, added "Thai construction industry has utilized very little construction-related technology. If technology is utilized properly, we could minimize the losses. For example, if the designer and contractor misunderstand each other, there could be damage incurred during the construction process, which could lead to an unnecessary losses and rework. Therefore, we have employed Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to simulate the project design into the 3D simulation before starting the construction, which could reduce defects and faults."

BIM technology can be used to benefit in many levels, from designing, system works, structure, budgeting, planning to building management when the project eventually launched."

Mr. Auttawut Kaewsuttipon, Senior Architect, A49 and lead architect of the project, said "A good project design must tick all the boxes, whether on beautiful design, practicality, good value, large green space, design distinction and large sales space. The designer must take all these requirements into consideration. The designer need to know how to present all these concepts to customer. As customers are getting more sophisticated, a designer must really understand his work very well to be able communicate and help customer to achieve the best result."

Mr. Krisda Taeprasartsit, Managing Director, Infra Group Co., Ltd. and another lead architect on building structure said, "The construction materials must be suitable for the project application. The structure design must be suitable for usage, safe and strong at the optimal price. Designer must present different alternatives for project developers to ensure best quality project at optimal investment budget."

Mr. Annop Kingkachee, Vice Chairman and COO of ECC Engineering Network Co., Ltd. and an expert in sustainable building said, "WHIZDOM 101 will be the leading project of Smart Cities - Clean Energy initiative. We have to discuss every little detail of the project, whether how much heat steel will emit, the ambient temperature, and trees that will prevent direct sunlight on the concrete wall. The project is very big and comprised of office space and is mixed-use in nature, thus we must carefully consider and finalize every detail before starting construction. As a sustainable project, this project will not use air duct system in order to prevent the accumulation of dust and fungus. The building design will enable self-control ventilation to automatically regulate temperature, which could help conserve energy."

Ms. Apiparn Borisuit, Senior Environmental Designer, Atelier Ten said, "The sustainable project development actually starts from a strong determination to make a sustainable project, then we can work on the project design to fit in the framework. Our work process must be flexible to ensure that the project construction will not affect the existing environment. The project contains water pond, green space, skywalk and transportation connecting with neighboring community. We also use the environmental-friendly construction material that could be recycled and manufactured domestically. We choose native plants to plant within the project to reduce cost, logistical lead time and reduce CO2 emission."

Mr. Danaiwit Yukhong, Designer Director, Lokoh= Co., Ltd. and landscape design consultant said, "The concept is to bring nature into the project. We emphasize that the nature is very vital for human. I believe that green design and sustainability will be at the heart of the future of project development."