Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
Mulberry Grove debuts the first super-luxury 'intergeneration' community
25 March 2019
11 February 2019, Bangkok - MQDC has unveiled Mulberry Grove, a new brand under the concept of "Intergeneration Family Living" to respond to modern family relationships, bringing together all generations.
Mulberry Grove offers super-luxury 'intergeneration' residences tailored in each detail to bring families together and support happy, healthy lifestyles for every age. The brand reflects a global revival in multigenerational households as families rediscover sustainable well-being from living together across generations.

Multigenerational residences can improve social skills among children, increase engagement among grandparents, and bring priceless moments of shared happiness for all.

Mr. Roongrote Chongsujipan, Senior Vice President at MQDC, will lead the new brand, drawing on his own family background to develop high-end residences that nurture connections across generations while giving every resident the privacy they need. Mr. Chakrit Hassarangsee, MQDC Vice President, has also been appointed to the new unit.

"We are developing residences that contribute to families, focused on creating warm and fulfilling relationships," said Mr. Roongrote.

"Mulberry Grove places importance on the true foundation of the family, giving value to life, relationships, time spent together. It is also the first super-luxury residence brand in Thailand under the new concept of 'Intergeneration Families', which are multi luxury residence platforms that will meet family's lifestyle needs in convenience and mobility for the 4.0 era family."

MQDC CEO Mr Visit Malaisirirat said: "From the experience of both these executives in real estate development, we are confident that the Mulberry Grove will create residential projects for modern families, bringing back large families that are close, connected, and warm."

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