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101 True Digital Park celebrates World Environment Day with "Sustainable Fest"
8 June 2019
8 June 2019, Bangkok - 101 True Digital Park held a "Sustainable Fest" at the 'smart city' innovative lifestyle complex, combining digital technology, green space, and leisure amenities to meet the needs of the new generation.
A range of sustainability-focused events, workshops, and concerts connected with target groups. Jon Jandai, founder of the Pun Pun Center for Self-Reliance in Chiang Mai, gave a talk on his many years living with nature.

A 'Smart Workshop' on gardening in bottles using organic fertilizer from waste food showed people living in condos how to get close to nature with a hobby that needs limited space but engages a passion for art and design.

'Smart Collector' let participants explore 101 True Digital Park's 'Smart city' technologies by gathering check-in stamps at 5 locations to redeem special rewards, showing them how to reduce waste and save energy in various ways.

"All these activities reinforce our view that everyone can be a part of caring for our world with social responsibility," said Ms. Nicha Srisanguansakul, Senior Vice President of Commercial and Retail Management at MQDC.

"The 101 True Digital Park project won the Smart Cities-Clean Energy award from the Ministry of Energy and the Thai Green Building Institute. The development was also the second runner-up in the global AEC Excellence Awards for Sustainability, organized by Autodesk in 2017, with its clear environmental features. We hope that 101 True Digital Park will engage people in various areas, both retail and office. We aim for all our activities to help reduce waste and save energy. We expect that this will help reduce energy consumption by 30% and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 15,000 tons per year."

The festival's 'Smart Collector' activity let participants gather stamps at 5 points within 101 True Digital Park project to win special prizes.

1. Bag Sharing
The project has cooperated with Ecolab in a bag-sharing service that uses mesh material from the development's construction to serve eco-conscious consumers.

2. Organic Fertilizer
Coffee grounds, vegetables, fruit peel, and food waste within the project are broken down by microorganisms in composting machines to create organic fertilizer.

3. Energy-generating Pavement
The device uses technology generates energy from walking (Pavegen) in its first installation in Thailand.

4. Reverse vending machine (RVM)
The machines collect plastic waste, using compression technology to make bottles smaller and easier to store.

5. Upcycling Display
The project has worked with Mr. Saran Yenpanya, the designer and contemporary artist, to present stories of animals affected by human waste. The designer has used waste materials to create displays and art installations.

For news on participating in the various activities, go to Facebook at 101TheThirdPlace or