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Whizdom introduces 'Nine' Naphat as brand ambassador
30 July 2019
26 July 2019, Bangkok - Whizdom revealed 'Nine' Naphat Siangsomboon as its new brand ambassador at a press conference at Whizdom Club at 101 True Digital Park.
Mr. Naphat, a well-known model and actor, represents Whizdom's 'new generation'
values, said Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao, President of MQDC's Whizdom brand, which creates
residences and mixed-use developments for youthful, connected lifestyles.

"Whizdom is now very proud that we have our latest Brand Ambassador, who will
create good things, representing the new generation, and providing a role model of
living in a society of smart and good-hearted people," said Mr. Kaeokhiao.

Mr. Naphat said the role would help him support "social change".

"It was clear from the start that Whizdom and I had the same goal of supporting social
change," said Mr. Naphat.

"I have many projects that in the future will join with Whizdom to share activities and

Whizdom Society, MQDC's knowledge-sharing community for the new generation, will
work with Mr. Naphat to help young people achieve their potential, said Vice President
Mr. Krissayuth Chavavitayatham.

"Nine was chose to be the latest Brand Ambassador because he is a capable person
with a wide range of abilities, including learning, work, special talents, and an
interesting lifestyle, he said.

"We look for people who will represent the new generation, in addition to being able to
show that they are people with good values and morality."

Whizdom Society regularly hosts events and seminars at Whizdom Club, a 900sqm co-
working space at 101 True Digital Park.

Whizdom's initiatives for the new generation also include free 'Bright Start Breakfast' for
Whizdom residents, Whizdom Scholarships for students at 3 top universities, and
Whizdom Re-forest, a project to restore forest at Khan E-to in Prachinburi.

Mr. Naphat joins 'Yaya' Urassaya Sperbund and 'Mark' Prin Suparat as Whizdom Brand

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