Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
MQDC presents its 30-year warranty in Shanghai
13 August 2019
3 August 2019, Shanghai - MQDC Brand Center held a launch event on MQDC's 30-year warranty and hosted the Long Tang Kou Industry Forum, which has gathered real estate professionals to drive innovation and help charities since 2012.
Forum members attended the warranty's debut in China alongside reporters from 9 leading media outlets,
including Sina, The Paper, and Ifeng.

Mr. Sun Hongyi from MQDC made an opening speech before the screening of the video.

Four guests also spoke on stage: Mr. Zhou Haifeng, the founder of Long Tang Kou Club and former Chief
Marketing Center Manager of Shanghai Vanke; Mr. Shen Yi, Star River Group Shanghai Vice President; Mr. Sun
Guangzheng, Greenland Hong Kong Shanghai General Manager; Mr. Chen Lei, Seazen Holdings Residence
Development Department Assistant President.

The 4 guests expressed their enthusiasm for the warranty service, covering aspects such as the well-being of
residents and collaboration between developers and enterprises.