Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
MQDC and SCG work for sustainability through the Circular Economy
5 September 2019
3 September 2019, Bangkok - Mr. Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon, a President of MQDC, joined 'Transformation to the Circular Built Environment', a discussion organized by SCG Cement-Building Materials. Leading organizations from around the world exchanged ideas to drive the development of a circular economy for a sustainable world at Bangkok Convention Centre, Central World, Centara Grand Hotel.
Mr. Ruengchaipaiboon shared his experiences in achieving a circular economy with MQDC projects. MQDC's
reduction in waste through recycling and environment-friendly materials helped it win a second runner-up
prize for sustainability in the global AEC Excellence Awards 2017.

"Working under our principle of 'sustainnovation' to find innovative solutions for sustainability, MQDC builds
and operates to optimize reuse and recycling for a circular economy," said Mr. Ruengchaipaiboon.

"While constructing 101 True Digital Park, for example, we upcycled steel items as furniture for the project.
Plastic materials became bags that help shoppers reduce their waste footprint. We now partner with the
project's many restaurants, collecting leftovers. We compost this food waste over 24 hours to make fertilizer we
distribute to local communities."

Working with Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes, MQDC's project was the first in Southeast Asia to
receive a prestigious AEC award, competing among 145 contestants from 32 countries.

MQDC has pioneered full-cycle use of BIM, enhancing the detail and accuracy of 3D models. This precision
helped achieve savings at its project of 30% in energy, 40% in water, and 15,000 tons of CO2 each year, while
still enabling an improved quality of life.

MQDC further received a 'Smart Cities-Clean Energy' award from the Ministry of Energy for its project's use of
advanced, environment-friendly technology.