Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
'The Enchanted Forest by The Forestias MQDC' at Inspire Me MQDC
18 December 2019
Inspire Me MQDC welcomes you into the warmth of nature with 'The Enchanted Forest by The Forestias MQDC'. Treat your taste buds with unique teas served with a floral birdcage of delectable desserts. Explore the enticing flavors of Lemon Tartlets, Earl Grey Fruit Jelly, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Wild Danish Truffle, and Strawberry Velvet Shortcake.

MQDC residents can exclusively enjoy a free 'MQDC The Forestias Welcome Set' pairing an indulgent Danish Truffle with a refreshing Apple Soda to thrill you with the magical flavors of the forest (1 privilege/person/per day).

Experience these warm and fresh delights at
Inspire Me MQDC on the 1st floor of ICONSIAM.