The Forestias - The Forestias, the Land of Sustainable Happiness with World-Class Residential Projects
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The Forestias, the Land of Sustainable Happiness with World-Class Residential Projects

Publish : 21 Apr 2020 | Blog

As a place, The Forestias by MQDC has a lot of ingredients. Forest, parks, houses, lakes, shops, offices, hospitals, cafés, restaurants, entertainment venues…

But their combination is much more than a place.

The Forestias by MQDC must also be what – in our Eternal 4 – we call ‘A Community of Dreams’.

‘A Community of Dreams’ is a community built on happiness. A society forged by places and facilities where people connect and interact.

So why does community matter so much? Because – along with being around nature – it’s key to ‘sustainable happiness’.

Take recent developments in Thailand. Over the last few decades, Thais have grown greatly in wealth… but no so much in well-being.

In fact, when we started to design The Forestias by MQDC, we looked for issues to fix – and we found a lot.

Children growing up without loving care. Older adults in isolation. Families fragmented. Technology bringing disruption. Massive consumption but minimal satisfaction.

The Forestias by MQDC will therefore bring people together to enjoy the stuff that brings true happiness. Spending time with those you love. Strolling through shady woodland. Picnicking with pals in the park.

And as a large-scale, mixed-use development with 119 acres to plan, The Forestias by MQDC can do all that with flair.

To create ‘The Community of Dreams’ we got to pick each piece in the puzzle – and then to stick each of them in the perfect place to improve life and enhance community.

So we crafted The Forestias by MQDC with all its boutiques, coffee shops, art venues, spas, and parks to be a place where you will get to know your neighbors. A place to enjoy good times and pastimes with friends and family.

Because real happiness is happiness shared. And because sustainable happiness isn’t just a place. It’s also a great neighborhood – ‘a community of dreams’.

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