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Publish : 8 months ago | Blog

The path to happiness… Where to start? For The Forestias, at least the first step was clear: research.

To create its recipe for ‘sustainable happiness’, The Forestias therefore examined a host of social issues. Family life. Technology. The Environment. Demographics.

What we found was that economic and technological advances, while giving us so much, often fail to deliver in the most important area of all – happiness.

The evidence is all around us, in weakening family bonds and growing social challenges, said MQDC’s CEO, Mr Visit Malaisirirat.

“Amidst materialistic advancement, the world is challenged in many ways,” he said.

“The natural ecosystem is deteriorating. Families are drifting apart, creating distance between people, leading to feelings of isolation and depression. And society is aging fast.”

The Forestias by MQDC developed its ‘Eternal 4’ to change course, so that technology works for us and brings us closer.

‘500 Shades of Nature’ means bringing nature back into daily life. ‘Connecting 4 Generations’ will bridge the gap between children, parents, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. ‘Community of Dreams’ is about providing the space and facilities that connect people. Sustainnovation for Well-being is a strategy for using technology to drive well-being.

Can anyone provide an infallible formula for happiness? Humans have been seeking it for millennia. And each of us has a very personal idea of what happiness means.

But The Forestias by MQDC is confident it has cracked the code. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health will even be using The Forestias by MQDC to study how nature adds to human well-being. The Forestias invites you to ‘imagine happiness’. No magic formula exists for fulfillment in life. But if, like us, you feel something’s missing in the fast-paced world we live in today, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at The Forestias by MQDC.

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