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RISC Presents Circular Economy to “Plastics Foresight”

1 month ago
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  • RISC Presents Circular Economy to “Plastics Foresight”
RISC Presents Circular Economy to “Plastics Foresight”

RISC Presents Circular Economy to “Plastics Foresight”

6 August 2021, Bangkok – Dr. Jittapat Choruengwiwat, Senior Vice President of the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), explains how the Circular Economy is applied in each MQDC project to “Plastics Foresight”, the magazine of the Plastics Institute of Thailand. 

The Circular Economy has a key role in every sector but especially in real estate, which creates and destroys resources at the same time. Applying the Circular Economy is one route to sustainable consumption globally.

RISC is studying the Circular Economy across design, construction, and operations. Recent applications include:

- Waste sorting tailored to each area’s waste types to enable appropriate systems for each building and its users.

- Creating a network with many suppliers and partners to implement consistent policies for construction waste such as concrete, steel, plastic packaging, and plastic wrap. Waste will be reused in each project to reduce disposal outside the site.

- Creating innovations to reduce waste through knowledge exchange and research with businesses to create new products together.

MQDC projects are designed with BIM to reduce construction errors and estimate material use accurately, enhancing cost-effectiveness and reducing waste to achieve Green Building standards. Waste-sorting areas are designed for proper waste management to recycle resources in the most cost-effective way.

MQDC projects also promote upcycling of plastic waste, adding to its value. Leftover dust-covering plastic from construction at 101 True Digital Park, for example, was sewn into shopping bags for local people to use in the shopping center.

Recycled plastic is also used as an ingredient or substitute in outdoor products such as pedestrian walkways, curbs, and roads in many MQDC projects. It will also be used in decorations and furniture.

RISC's research has investigated mixing recycled plastic into building materials. In the right proportions, it can improve material performance. This approach can help reduce waste and enhance sustainability. This process relies, however, on proper waste management and sorting to select materials for recycling.

MQDC and RISC are both doing their best to support the Circular Economy in project development and research, looking for new solutions to enhance sustainability in future developments.

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