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Whizdom Club India Launches COVID-Safe Co-Working

1 month ago
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Whizdom Club India Launches COVID-Safe Co-Working

Whizdom Club India Launches COVID-Safe Co-Working

August 2021, Delhi – Whizdom Club India has launched a raft of measures to protect its members during the pandemic so they can keep using the co-working space and inspiration hub without running high infection risks.

Ms. “Amy” Chulamas Jitpatima, head of MQDC India, said that the club had intensified its founding focus on health and well-being through a holistic approach, implementing physical safeguards but also addressing psychological needs.

“Many of our members – such as startupreneurs and people running SMEs – work in fields that rely on close collaboration and they can’t switch to working from home,” she said.

“In their fast-paced businesses they crave face-to-face interactions to spark new ideas and tackle complex issues. We have therefore set out to pandemic-proof our entire operations. Our new model for co-working in the New Normal aims for people to continue working together as safely as possible. Precautions extend from safe transport to ergonomic surroundings that keep Office Syndrome at bay.”

Whizdom Club India has already helped arrange vaccinations for its team and customers.

The club and its café now run with touchless systems to halt the spread of COVID-19. Anti-viral AVA carpets reduce infection risks in high-traffic areas such as the reception and café entrance.

AVA carpet fibers contain zinc to stop viruses such as COVID-19 replicating. They achieve 90-97% efficiency, according to lab tests in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the UK. The carpets further protect against allergies as their fibers deter fungus and dust mites.

Whizdom Club India also arranges hygienic cabs so customers can escape the dangers of commuting.

“We are meanwhile meeting the stress of the pandemic with a calendar of webinars on motivation and well-being, developed after canvassing our members for the content they need,” added Ms. Jitpatima.

“In this new context, where many clients face commercial headwinds, we have introduced more flexible pricing and payment terms as part of our holistic response.”

The co-working space and inspiration hub in the Delhi’s fashionable Greater Kailash-II district realizes MQDC’s vision of “For All Well-Being” with natural light, abundant greenery, and high-tech clean air technology.

The club also protects its customers from Office Syndrome with ergonomic furniture and Steelcase workstations designed for healthy posture.

Facilities include spaces to relax like Whiz Terrace and Whiz Kid as well as places to meet and collaborate like the VC Room, Whiz LIVE, and Board Room. Whiz Café offers healthy gourmet treats in a bright, colorful setting.

To maintain its high standards, the club runs frequent “mystery audits” to test the excellence of its service and hygiene safeguards.

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