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“Futures Talk” Vol.1: COVID-19 and “Shock for Education”

1 month ago
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  • “Futures Talk” Vol.1: COVID-19 and “Shock for Education”
“Futures Talk” Vol.1: COVID-19 and “Shock for Education”

“Futures Talk” Vol.1: COVID-19 and “Shock for Education”

FutureTales Lab held “Futures Talk: The Future of Thai Children and Youth after the Pandemic”, a 1st online conference. Ms. Nicha Pittayapongsakorn, Senior Researcher, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), spoke on…

How COVID-19 has impacted the future of education and learning for children and youth

• Thailand’s education system has experienced a COVID shock in 3 areas
1) Reduced learning outcomes
2) High inequality
3) Poor return from a high education budget

• Children in vulnerable groups face these 3 main issues
1) Loss of learning opportunities, from school closures across Thailand
2) Stress and family violence, fueled by lockdown stress
3) Family bereavement, with 350 orphans in Thailand from COVID-19 and 1.5 million worldwide

• Micro schools are a new phenomenon where parents take children out of the education system
     and recruit teachers for them. In the future children will be able to choose what they like
     and are good at to study anywhere in the world.

• Exponential growth of e-commerce will attract people to work in food delivery (Grab, Panda, Robinhood)
     and also set children’s aspirations.

• Key issues for children and youths in the COVID-19 pandemic
• From birth to 5 years – Interaction with caregivers is vital to develop emotional and other skills.  
• Older children in vocational education or at university – Real work experience is absent in the
     lockdown but essential for this age group to develop skills for the future.
• Winner and losers in the crisis – The “emotional distancing” gap between the two groups will lead
     to different attitudes and, eventually, to conflicts. Quality of life, education, and youth policy

• Recovery must come with policies that…
1. Restore the lives and minds of children and youths – With great support, children will be
        back to their normal situation within 2 years.
2. Restore education – Education requires people to be safe.

• 3Ps: Prevent, Prepare, Protect
• Prevent – Don’t let more people die.
• Prepare – Provide support for children who lose parents.
• Protect – Protect the mental health of these children.

• 4 Topics to Emphasize
• We must use vaccines to re-open schools.
• Don’t let children feel too stressed.
• Experts should travel to remote areas to educate children.
• We must adjust for long-term study or self-learning.

“What is worrying is that well-adjusted children may become vulnerable because of the problems that have arisen.” 

Watch the full interview here >>> CLICK

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