News & Activities

The HIPz Café at JJ Market

4 October 2015, Whizdom Avenue Ratchada - Ladprao hosted 'The HIPz Café' at JJ weekend market in order to launch special promotion 'Friend gets Friends' to get 100,000 Bhat for recommended. 'The HIPz Café' also has special mocktail and games for all visitors. There was a great attention from Thais and foreigners at JJ market.

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Global Training Courses

Whizdom Society by MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation) always has special activities for its residents. Whizdom Society hosted 2 courses recently: 'Critical Thinking' (25 July 2015) and 'Communication to Achieve Your Goal' (26 September 2015), the global training courses from American Management Association (AMA). Both topics received attention from residents. AMA is world leader in professional development, advancing the skill of individuals to drive business success. Whizdom Society already brought 12 courses from AMA in order to make as a knowledge sharing society.

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