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Publish : 3 weeks ago | Blog

If you live in Bangkok, count yourself lucky. It’s no accident that Bangkok, yet again – for the third straight year – tops the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index in 2018.

The whole world loves Bangkok. The city welcomes 20.5 million visitors in 2017. And in 2018 it is set to draw even more – an extra 9%.

The Forestias by MQDC, of course, adores Bangkok too. And yet – breaking the very first rule of romance! – we want to change it…

Why? How can we make Bangkok even better?

The Forestias by MQDC, in fact, has a mission for Bangkok and Asian cities. It’s there in our corporate vision: ‘Be the global leader in demonstrating best practices of living with nature, reintegrating ecosystems within the human community.’

At Bangna, The Forestias by MQDC aims to spread a crucial message: You can keep the bits you love of a great place like Bangkok… and add even more.

Above all, we will be adding lots of nature. Bangkok aces every visitor poll. In green surveys, though, the city ranks much lower.

In green space per inhabitant, for instance, the Thai capital falls short. Some surveys put the figure as low as 3.3 square meters.

Our master plan means you can’t walk more than 12 meters without meeting a tree. Trees will also shade 40% of walkways.

The Forestias by MQDC lays out the red carpet for the rest of nature too. A high-tech central utility plant and careful design lets us use 20% less water and power, for instance.

Plants and animals will also have their home at The Forestias by MQDC– places just as comfortable as the residences for humans.

But – as we said – we’re also keeping the best bits of Bangkok.

As a large mixed-use project, covering 119 acres The Forestias by MQDC gets to plan the perfect neighborhood. We can gather all the things everyone loves about Bangkok on one site: the boutiques, cafés, spas, restaurants, entertainment… plus key amenities like healthcare and offices.

And we’ve made space for Bangkok’s most loved feature of all – its magical welcome, impeccable service, and joyful spirit.

The Forestias by MQDC– with its vision of ‘Community of Dreams’ – bring together all generations in a community of good neighbors built on eternal human values.

So The Forestias by MQDC welcomes you to the same Bangkok that continues to draw and delight travelers from every corner of the world. With the same wonderful service. The same courtesy.

The same friendliness. The same style and elegance.

Same same, in other words… but even better.